You have made a great organic post, received many likes, shares and comments. Then this message comes from Facebook: «Get more likes, comments and shares. This post achieves better results than 95 % of the other posts on your site. Promote it to get even better results. "


It's so easy, so accessible. All you have to do is click on "Boost" or "Forward post" as it is called in good Norwegian.


We want to tell you why you should not use this tempting button and instead use the ad administration:


  1. The position of your ad.
    In the ad administration, you can choose to have your post displayed on Facebook, in the Audience Network, in messenger and on Instagram. This is not possible if you click on the "Forward" button. If you choose to promote the post, you will not have the ability to control where the ad is visible.

  2. Control your budget.
    You have better budget control in ad management. When you promote a post, you enter how much money you want to spend on the ad, but the opportunities to change this along the way are limited. If you use Facebook ad management, you are free to adjust your budget according to what is best for each campaign.
  3. You decide your goal.
    Goal setting is important and when using the post button you do not get many choices for whom to target your advertising. Some of the opportunities you lose by promoting a post are: 
    - Advertising directly to those who have bought something before
    - Advertising directly to those who have added items to the shopping cart
    - Advertising directly to those who have visited your various websites
    - Advertising directly to those who have downloaded PDFs 

  4. Dynamic ads.
    These cannot be used if you are promoting a post. Dynamic product ads allow you to display personalized ads, based on, for example, which products have been added to a shopping cart. This type of ads is very relevant to the recipient and can thus be a major reason leading to sales in the online store. You can only access this if you use ad administration.

  5. Insight into how your advertising is going.
    When promoting posts, you get some insight into the results of the ad you have run, but there is a lot of useful information that unfortunately is missing. Ad management gives you access to a reporting tool that presents a wealth of information. Here there are few restrictions on what one can find out. With such detailed reporting, you can analyze the numbers carefully, and take measures that enable your campaigns to deliver in the best possible way.

  6. A / B testing - ALWAYS.
    A / B testing can be testing of two or more different images, texts or landing pages to see which edition gives the best results. This is something that should be used actively to continuously optimize your advertising, no matter what platform you are using. Run two ads at the same time and you see that one does significantly better than the other. Discard the first and set up a new one that challenges the second. This is how the round dance goes and you will always have the best ad running. If you are promoting a post, this is not possible because you are only promoting the existing post.


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