plug-in error

When you install a "finished" theme from, for example, WordPress, you install many plug-ins at the same time. These can be good to have, but they must be followed up and updated regularly. Failure to do so may result in bugs. The theme you downloaded also needs to be updated. Updates provide increased functionality and improve the performance of your site.


Website optimization

You have probably realized that good content is one of the keys to high search engine rankings, but it is not enough. The content of your page must be structured so that it is readable by both people and search engines. There is no point in having good content if no one can find it.


Optimize your photos

It must be possible to read what your photos are about. Use the keyword when naming your photos, and add an alt text that provides a further description of the photo. This is also important to be in line with universal design. In addition, this is the text that is read out when the website is visited by visually impaired people who use programs to read what the page is about, or will be displayed if the images do not load.


Do not forget security

All CMS (Content Management System) based vulnerabilities are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Keeping your WordPress site's core, plugins and themes up to date will prevent your site from becoming vulnerable to malware infections and external attacks.


Do you think that your website is not a target for hackers?

For hackers, it is not about stealing information, but about hijacking your site to use the server as a host environment to send spam emails or attack other servers. Hackers often create robots to search for vulnerable websites.


Once an access point is detected, the hacker enters and takes control of the server.

The server is then used to send out spam to massive mailing lists. This will damage the site's reputation with search engines and trigger them to block your IP address, making your site virtually non-existent in the search results.


We at Optimal Digital experience that more customers contact us because their website does not work as it did when it was brand new.


We have therefore decided to offer the service: optimization and clean-up / service of established websites. Several have spent large sums on new websites that look great, but they unfortunately do not work optimally. It is then nice to be able to offer an optimization service instead of the customer having to buy a completely new website.

Do you need a health check of your website?