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Social media advertising works

Johnny's Lunch Bar is a living proof of that. - Since I started my business five years ago, I have had a steady stream of customers drop by, and been so lucky and got a regular customer group. Like everyone else, I would like to increase sales and expand the offer to my customers. Still, I must admit that I have been a little skeptical about advertising in digital channels.

Even though we have a Facebook page, targeted advertising and publishing planning is new and a little unknown to me, and that is probably why I spent some time deciding whether or not to try this, says Johnny Danielsen.

Johnnys Lunch Bar
Optimal Digital AS contacted

- When Olavi Ivask and Susanne Olsen from Optimal Digital came by and introduced themselves to me, we agreed on a mapping meeting where we sat down and made a plan for how they would assist me with advertising and marketing on Facebook.

Sales figures have increased considerably and there is a queue in the café almost every day. - The biggest difference I have noticed since we started with the advertising is the increased number of new customers, says Johnny. It is believed that everyone knows about one, but that is probably how they say "out of sight, out of mind", he laughs.

Runs out lunch to customers

As a result of the announcement, Johnny has hired several assistants and can now offer its customers delivery of packed lunches. - If you order before 3 pm the day before you want to have the goods delivered, we deliver between 09 - 11. This is a great offer for companies that may want a joint lunch with the little extra, or if courses or other events are to be held where there is a need for delivery of lunch. We have also extended our opening hours. Before it was open from 10 - 14, now we are open from 9 - 15 every day except Sunday, says the committed cafe owner.

Johnnys cafe

Local companies that dare to collaborate and focus on each other

Since its inception in August 2020, Optimal Digital has visited several local companies and agreed on personal meetings where they take a deep dive into the companies' challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising.

-We have spent a lot of time getting to know Johnny and his business. As he mentions, it is not the desire to advertise that is not present, but it is whether one dares to invest in it. Many may leave, because you have never done it before and thus it feels insecure, says Susanne who is the general manager of Optimal Digital.

- That Johnny was positive to try us, we are very happy. We see that advertising works and it really gives us motivation to assist more companies like Johnny's. The fact that we dare to visit the business owners personally, and that they again dare to invest in us, means that we (the local companies) grow with each other, which in turn makes our community grow as a whole, Olsen concludes.